Eileen's Supi visit - handicraft lessons for the local community

Posted in News on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Eileen visited India recently as a guest of Village Ways. It was wonderful to have Eileen at the village of Supi. She is an extremely creative lady and brought some innovative ideas to share with the village. She was impressed by the local community craft and bought souvenirs as well. She describes her feelings, "The crafts were very well made and unusual, especially the knitted slippers.  The place had a great community feeling to it, and I was impressed by the quality of the work."

Village Ways Charitable Trust was equally delighted on her visit, and is grateful for the handicraft lessons which she took up in the guest house for the local community. All the details that she taught were intricate, especially the brooches which were something new which the local artisans had never tried making. The artisans learned with great enthusiasm and also made a couple of brooches with the help of Eileen. The colours and the intricacies were impressive.

The lessons boosted their confidence, and now they want to take these brooches to a more commercial level to sell in local markets!

The VWCT is looking at ways of promoting the brooches. Here are a few pictures of the brooches. If you want to buy them, please contact us at charitable.trust@villageways.com