• Sustaining Village Life

    We develop community-based Village Tourism Enterprises in remote, rural regions, bringing employment and extra income sources where they are needed.

    We have a proven track record, with successful Village Tourism Enterprises in India and Ethiopia.

  • Building guesthouses

    Working together with funding partners and the communities, we manage the planning and development of Village Tourism Enterprises - these are usually small guesthouses, though we have also built a houseboat in South India.

    The communities own and manage the enterprises. They learn new skills and look after assets which will have value for them for many years. Find out more

  • Bringing guests

    We develop our Village Tourism Enterprises with a plan in place to bring guests. We work with a range of travel company partners to market trips internationally.

    We ensure that guest income supports, and does not replace, traditional income sources for the communities. Find out more

We are a shared value enterprise, supporting and benefiting needy rural communities through the creation of village tourism enterprises.

Since we started work in 2005, we have won numerous industry awards for our initiatives in India.

We have also developed new Village Tourism Enterprises in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal and the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.

Our Partner Communities

  • 14 village guesthouses constructed

    Village Tourism Enterprises Established

Latest News

Sustaining Goodearth - HERnetwork in remote Himalayan villages of Pindar valley, Kumaon

The HERProject on Personal Hygiene, Nutrition and Menstrual Hygiene is drawing to close after three years. The team returned to the Saryu Valley to share the evaluation results with the community and set in motion the plan for sustainability of the Preventive Health Care program.

Telemedicine in the remote valleys of Kumaon

The Village Ways Charitable Trust is poised to implement a new pilot project in the Kumaon Hills to help improve access to primary health care.

First Aid Training at Supi

Melanie Ruston from Macao took a training on First Aid for the Peer Health Educators of Village Ways Charitable Trust during her visit to Supi.


Village Ways Charitable Trust joined hands with HER network program in 2014, to conduct a pilot health project at Supi village with the focus to empower women through health knowledge and link the village with adequate health amenities. As our 18 month long HER Network Health Project comes to an end, we present to you the lives of some of the women we have impact.