Soap Making

Thanks to initial enthusiasm from Penny Jewell, Thurlbyherb Farms, the Trust has been encouraging soap production in the Binsar villages, focused on Kathdhara. Penny has trained the participants in soap making techniques, and kindly provided some equipment. The Kathdhara soap is now available in various fragrances ranging from citrus, woody to floral with a creamy texture. These soaps are included in the Village Ways'  ‘ goody bag’, which is a special give away for Village Ways guests.

The Trust helped the Kathdhara villagers to establish the Nanda Self-Reliant Cooperative Society to develop soap-making. 

We are helping the Co-op to promote the soap so that the villagers can benefit from sales. Village Ways has bought, and has been using the soap in its guest houses. Our soaps will soon be available at Goodearth a boutique store.