Sewing & Handicrafts, Saryu

In the remote village of Supi, Saryu valley, the village weavers and seamstresses are creating beautiful handicrafts. Their dexterous hands weave bamboo baskets and stitch soft pouches, scarves and kaftans. The Trust has created  market links for these products and works with the craftsmen to further hone their skills.

Ringal weaving- Restoring an age old craft

Supi is a remote village in the hills of Kumaon, it is very difficult for the locals to find a market to sell their handicraft. We at Villages Ways Charitable Trust have been working towards restoring the lost craft of Ringal Weaving, but also connect the weavers to the buyers. Very recently, we got the weavers an order from an international ayurvedic beauty products company, and since then the demand for the Ringal Basket has been increasing ! 

Shopping Bags

“The Village Bag” project was started to support the women of the villages by providing the women with the skills to stitch the bags and earn an alternate source of income. 
The women are not only producing bags but also pouches, scarves and kaftans in the community centre for buyers from all over the world. 


     Kamla Devi, a weaver from Supi making a Ringal Basket  

Charitable Trust Handicrafts