Kerala houseboats are driven by diesel engines, using conventional diesel fuel. There is much concern at the polluting effects of diesel engines on the water and air environment of the backwaters, despite strict controls by the Government of Kerala.‚Ä®Village Ways and the Trust are keen to convert the houseboat to using reprocessed oil, which is far less polluting than mineral diesel oil. reprocessed oil,  can be produced by processing waste cooking oil and other vegetable oil products. The Trust has researched opportunities for local production of reprocessed oil,  through a Fuel Pod. The Fuel Pod is a well-tested, portable, free-standing device that can produce up to 30 litres of reprocessed oil  per day from waste cooking oil.

The moment of truth ! Production of reprocessed waste cooking oil fuel to run The Goodearth Houseboat.


Benefits to the environment using reprocessed oil :-

  1. The fuel would be produced from waste oil that could otherwise cause pollution.
  2. Produces far fewer particulates, much less carbon is released, less carbon monoxide is produced and there is no ‘diesel smell’.
  3. Degrades in water, so there is less water pollution.
  4. It is a better lubricant, so engine noise is reduced.
  5. It  is cleaner than mineral diesel.
  6. The waste potassium salts can be used as a fertilizer.

Presently, waste oil is being collected from CAFS to ensure the continuity of processing the Green fuel. There are challenges in collection of oil (without any contamination). CAFS is committed to the project and in six months time, minor hiccups will be ironed out for smooth functioning of the Fuel Pod Project.