Supi Community Centre

The centre is managed by the Supi community and is opened every day from morning till evening. Men and women registered with VWCT visit the centre for carrying out production of tassels, pouches, bags, kaftans, ringal weaving and other orders by the clients. The centre is well equipped with the foot and hand run sewing machines where production and training of new workers take place. Also, the centre has a provision of a laptop to make all the data entry paper free and for making the communication between the village and the outside community easy. A projector and screen has also been installed for training purposes.

One room of the centre is dedicated solely to meet the health needs of the village. This room, fondly called Health Room is used for conducting Peer Health Educator pieces of training and health committee meetings. The Asha (local midwife of the village) who is also VWCT master trainer comes to the centre regularly to cater to health needs of the community. In the long run, this room would be equipped with a stretcher, stethoscope, medicines for general diseases and pains and first aid kits. A doctor will make monthly visits to Supi Community Centre, and the village would have access to basic medical facilities in the village itself.

The objective of the centre to build capacities of women and youth is being achieved step by step. In the future, we hope to make this centre self-sustainable and to elevate the local handicraft to international markets. 

The construction of community centre was generously supported by Inntravel and Ms Archana Jain. 

For further details of the Supi Centre, including how to make a donation, please click here.

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