Grass Routes Associates

Our core offer is holidays based around Village Tourism Enterprises established by communities in co-operation with Village Ways. We now complement these core holidays with a range of holidays that highlight and celebrate village life and demonstrate support for village life.

We source and purchase these holidays and make travel arrangements by working with in-country companies that demonstrate compatible values with those of Village Ways. These companies are referred to as Grass Routes Associates (GRA).

Associate companies should know their ‘backyard’ well and have an affinity with the values and product of Village Ways. Village traditions should be supported through locally sourced food and traditional food preparation, through participation in and supporting cultural events, through opening up and maintaining traditional paths and ways. Where possible, GRAs should aim to achieve a broad distribution of economic benefit within a village community through tourism activities.


We are always interested in working with new Grass Routes Associates in the South Asia and Southeast Asian regions If you share our values and are interested in offering Grass Routes holidays, please contact us.