The importance of travel partners

Posted in News on Friday, November 14th, 2014

Our UK travel partner, Inntravel, has been with us since we launched in 2006. They have been ideal partners – constructive, committed to a long-term collaboration, and professional. They send key staff to visit our enterprises so they understand and appreciate not just our values but the practical elements of our trips. They are then able to sell to their clients based on real awareness of what the trips entail. This December we will be joining Inntravel at their Discovery Day in Harrogate, where we will have the pleasure of meeting many of their customers.
Inntravel have also made a commitment to our Charitable Trust to support our new Supi Centre for women's health and empowerment in the Indian Himalayas – we and the Trust are incredibly grateful to them for this.
In the past year or so, we have begun working with new travel partners in France, La Balaguère, who are leading specialists in walking and trekking trips around the world. Just as with Inntravel, it is vital for us that La Balaguère shares our ethical philosophy, with a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism.
In the past few weeks, our MD Manisha Pande has accompanied a small group of French journalists to some of our communities in southern India, and we look forward to seeing our trips featured in French newspapers and magazines. In the past 12 months, we have been training key staff such as guides in our communities to speak French to prepare for French guests.