Restoring the age old craft of Kumaon- RINGAL WEAVING!!

Posted in News on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

We want to congratulate our weavers in village Supi, Uttarakhand for the order of Ringal baskets from a pioneer Luxury Ayurvedic brand of India. The brand is encouraging the local craft, and the ringal craft will be exposed to worldwide customers.

Ringal is a flexible, durable bamboo. Products made from it can last upto 20 years. The Ringal weaving provides livelihood to the communities of Chamoli, Bageshwar and Khaljhuni, apart from farming. It tells a story of an age old traditional hill village craft ... of a trek up the mountain paths, in search of this lush bamboo, and, the care with which the bamboo is prepared to be pliable and finally woven into fine baskets. The Ringal is an inherent part of life in the hills of Kumaon, from the mats they sit on to the baskets they dry their grain on is made of Ringal, and is also sold in the local fairs. Despite of durability of the products and expertise of weavers, it has never achieved a status of a commercially used resource. The orders will ensure that the weavers get the status they deserve, and will help in restoring one of the oldest weaving materials used by mankind and in the district.