Greenways Stove - An Environment Friendly Alternative

Posted in News on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

During our last visit to Supi in June, we introduced a concept of GREENWAYS STOVE (Chulha) in the village. A trust meeting was held in Delhi with the Trustees proposing this concept. The GREENWAYS STOVE, is particularly designed for villages, and is high efficient and environment friendly. The stove works in a similar manner to the traditional one but the benefits include:

- 60% less wood is used (indicates that women have to carry less wood on their backs which leads to back pains and other muscular skeletal problems reflected in the baseline survey)
- 50% less smoke is created (women reported breathing problems and problems related to eyes which is observed to be caused by the excessive smoke created by the traditional method of cooking)
- The food is cooked faster (it is designed in such a way)

The health committee members were really excited for the new chulha and they also agreed on the benefits of using it. They had some very nice suggestions too. They wanted a separate space in the stove where they can cook their chapattis (as they are used to cook them on coal).

Four stoves were distributed to four families for trial. The villagers liked the stove and more demands are coming from the village now. VWCT seeks to provide these environment friendly stoves to the families as at subsidized rates, and make life easier for women who are vulnerable to acquire breathing problems, weak eye sight, back pains and other muscular problems while cooking.