Supi Visit - 9-12th June 2015

Posted in News on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Mrs. Ratnamala Kapur (Managing Trustee) and Ms. Tanu Goel (Project Manager) went to villages of Supi, Talla, Malla and talai to monitor the HER Network activities. The visit was planned from 9th-12th June, 2015 to review the implementation of the first training on nutrition, take the first steps and prepare for the second training on Hygiene and discuss linkage of village with the health amenities.

Mrs. Ratnamala Kapur, Ms. Tanu Goel, along with local Master Trainers Ms. Deepa and Ms. Tara went to meet the PHEs and a few families in Talai village to know whether the information was reaching them. The team was proud to know that the PHEs were actively going to all 10 of the houses selected by them. They visited the ex-block panchayat member’s house, who too confirmed that the health information was being disseminated widely within the area of his village. The team also talked to potential PHEs in the village of Talla to attend the meeting which was supposed to be held next day to understand the project more clearly.

The members were happy to see people are aware about the importance of constructing toilets. They are actively taking steps to make toilets along with mud pits. But, they also observed a few challenges related to drinking water, use of toilets and disposal of garbage, to be addressed in the next training session on Hygiene.

On 11th June morning, the health committee meeting was also held, and was attended by village officials and VWCT team members. The committee resolved any challenges faced by the PHEs while disseminating information to families. The committee was informed about the next training on “Hygiene and water borne diseases” scheduled in the second week of July.

Another concept of GREENWAYS STOVE (Chulha), which consumes 60% less wood, generates 50% less smoke, and cooks food faster, was introduced. The four stoves have been distributed to four families in the village who will have to use them as an experiment and report to the Trust about it in two weeks. If the experiment is successful, the Trust will further think about the distribution strategies for the village – microfinance or Government subsidy was proposed.

The health committee was informed that Dr. Vandana Lal (Dr. Lal Path Labs) wants to conduct a two day health camp for the village, logistics for the same were discussed.

Overall, VWCT is reaching out to almost 300 families in Supi, and other villages with help of our Master Trainers and Peer Health Educators, and has been successful in addressing the key health need of the village, Nutrition, and is confident to repeat this success story in the next training on “Hygiene” as well.