Trainer's training on "Hygiene and Water Borne Diseases" - 3-5th July'2015

Posted in News on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
The 3 day health training on 'Hygiene and Water Borne Diseases' took place on 3-5th July 2015. Our 2 master trainers Deepa and Tara, and health committee member Chandrakala Devi were all set for their second training in Delhi. The team was excited and had been preparing for this training from a long time. The issue of Hygiene was identified as a critical health issue of the village, and this was the second training after successful completion on first training on Nutrition. Based on the survey conducted, we found out that 48% women in the village wash their hands only with water. Another major finding was that only 52% of the households have toilets at their homes. Through a thorough analysis of the major concerns, Tanu (Project Manager) prepared a simple and comprehensive module which could be understood easily.

The four key messages that we promoted are 1. Clean drinking water 2. Use of toilets 3. Importance of Hand Washing 4. Prevention of Water borne diseases.

Training included a power point presentation, various fun activities and demonstrations. It also included doubt clearing session , discussion on how to improve village hygiene conditions. The training was conducted in a manner to prepare the Master Trainers to take training for 30 Peer Health Educators in the Village. They were also provided illustrative posters on "How prevention is better than Cure".

The training was interactive and fun, which was followed by a group discussion between master trainers of the village and  the female health workers of Kapkol Exports, to discuss differences in the health and hygiene needs of rural and urban communities.

On the third day of the training, Ms. Ratnamala Kapur, the managing trustee of Village Ways Charitable Trust, shared her expertise with team, and encouraged the team to spread the message in the village.
Our resource person Dr. Vanadana Lal, Executive Director Dr. Lal Pathlabs, supported and guided us throughout the training. She promised to provide de-worming tablets to be distributed in the village, and was kind enough to get the health check ups of the trainers done in her lab. 
The training was overall a success, the trainers were self motivated and enthusiastic to change the health scenario of the village!!!!