Supi Visit - 9-12th June 2015

Mrs. Ratnamala Kapur (Managing Trustee) and Ms. Tanu Goel (Project Manager) went to villages of Supi, Talla, Malla and talai to monitor the HER Network activities. The visit was planned from 9th-12th June, 2015 to review the implementation of the first training on nutrition, take the first steps and prepare for the second training on Hygiene and discuss linkage of village with the health amenities.

Trainer's training on "Hygiene and Water Borne Diseases" - 3-5th July'2015

The 3 day health training on 'Hygiene and Water Borne Diseases' took place on 3-5th July 2015.

The four key messages that we promoted are 1. Clean drinking water 2. Use of toilets 3. Importance of Hand Washing 4. Prevention of Water borne diseases.