Supi Visit - 9-12th June 2015

Mrs. Ratnamala Kapur (Managing Trustee) and Ms. Tanu Goel (Project Manager) went to villages of Supi, Talla, Malla and talai to monitor the HER Network activities. The visit was planned from 9th-12th June, 2015 to review the implementation of the first training on nutrition, take the first steps and prepare for the second training on Hygiene and discuss linkage of village with the health amenities.

Trainer's training on "Hygiene and Water Borne Diseases" - 3-5th July'2015

The 3 day health training on 'Hygiene and Water Borne Diseases' took place on 3-5th July 2015.

The four key messages that we promoted are 1. Clean drinking water 2. Use of toilets 3. Importance of Hand Washing 4. Prevention of Water borne diseases.

Eileen's Supi visit - handicraft lessons for the local community

Sometimes, guests who visit our partner communities bring skills which can make a real difference to livelihoods.



HER Network- Health awareness Project

We launched our first health initiative in September 2014 in village Supi, to cater to the health needs of the village through an 18 month pilot project called HER Network, with the help of our partners ANN Inc. and Business for Social Responsibility.

Good news for Supi as Community Centre makes progress

How key partnerships are driving progress with the Village Ways Charitable Trust's plans to open a Centre for Women's health and work in a remote village in the Indian Himalayas.

The importance of travel partners

Perhaps the hardest part of our work is making sure we have enough guests to make all our Village Tourism Enterprises viable. Vital to this effort are our partnerships with leading specialist travel companies, who share our ethos and support us in so many ways.