Our Team

The Village Ways Charitable Trust is accountable to its Board of Trustees. Our Trustees are dynamic and dedicated individuals who are experienced in entrepreneurship, health, business and leadership. The Trustees include representatives of village communities and Village Ways founder directors, as well as influential individuals with the common interest in rural community development.


Ratnamala Kapur (Managing Trustee), Founder Director of Village Ways, New Delhi

Anita Lal, Creative Director of Good Earth, New Delhi

Dr Vandana Lal, Executive Director of Dr Lal Pathlabs, New Delhi

Rahul Kohli, Pranic Healing Master, New Delhi

Pramod Bhasin, Founder and Vice Chairman of Genpact and Chairman of Skills Academy

Dinesh Pandey, Community Operations Manager, Village Ways, Almora

Ishwar Joshi, Community worker, Risal, Almora


Patrons & Members

Keith Virgo, Founder Director of Village Ways, Newmarket, UK

Lucy Edgeley, Founder Director of Village Ways, Cambridge, UK


Professional Advisors


UK Sharma, Potiala House Chambers, New Delhi

Chartered Accountants:

Arun Malhotra and Associates, Chartered Accountants, New Delhi


Trust Office

Dr Tejaswi Balasundaram, a Dental Surgeon with Post-graduation in Public Health, leads the Good Earth-funded health projects viz. BSR's Her Network Health project and Tulsi Telehealth Care Initiative in the remote areas of Kumaon. She was initially one of the Trust's staunch volunteer since 2014. Driven by her passion towards making an impact on health programmes for remote and marginalised communities, she eventually joined the Trust as the Project Head. She is responsible for the overall functioning of all the Health Projects undertaken by the Trust.

Field Team Personnel

Narendra Bisht, Almora, with over eight years of work experience in public health, livelihood programmes, e-governance and community mobilization across various districts of Uttarakhand, has joined the Trust as the Project Manager. Development of field operational plans, managing the field teams across various projects of the Trust, overseeing projectimplementation, monitoring of project outputs and outcomes as well as block level and district level engagements are a few of his key result areas.

Mahesh Chandra Singh, Supi, was one of the early team members of Village Ways Charitable Trust. He is the Head Coordinator for the effective operation of the Village Ways Trust work in the Saryu and Pindar Valley. He played a major role in the construction of Supi Community Centre, established for resurgence of traditional handicrafts and weaving along with coordination of various ongoing health projects in the valley. He is currently leading the field implementation of Tulsi Telehealth Care initiative in Saryu and Pindar valleys, in addition to the livelihood programmes.

Deepa Takuli, has worked as "ASHA" (health worker) for 8 years. In 2014 she was promoted to the position of Asha Facilitator responsible for 8 Gram Sabhas. She joined the Trust in 2013 as the Master Trainer of Peer Health Educators for Supi Health Project. After the successful completion of the project, she is now the coordinator for the second phase of the health project targeting nine more villages of the Saryu Valley. She has four master trainers working along with her namely Hansi Devi (Tarsal cluster), Hema Devi (Khalpatta cluster), Ganga Devi (Khaljhuni) and Kalawati (Jhuni).

Deepa Danu, based in Dhur of Pindar Valley, has been one of the most dependable Coordinators for most of the Trust’s initiatives in Pindar valley. She has been responsible for effective implementation and monitoring of the Village Ways-HERnetwork in the remote villages of Pindar.

Tara Takuli, 25, Masters in Sociology and Education. She has more than 7 years of experience working in different aspects of social welfare. She has undertaken many Government projects related to women empowerment, agriculture training, small business development and so on. She has been actively supporting the Supi Community Centre activities and assisting Deepa as the Assistant Coordinator, Health projects.

Pushpa Nayal, based in Dutkanedhar, Ramgarh Block, oversees the field level implementation of HERnetwork Project as well as the running of the eHealth Centre in Ramgarh in Nainital area. She has been one of the most forthcoming member in the field, enabling solid support to the field team and assisted in overcoming the field challenges, most efficiently.

Mitali Mainali, based in Dutkanedhar, Ramgarh Block, is the Trust’s reliable point person for implementation of Tulsi Telehealth Care initiative in Ramgarh area. Though just a recent addition to the Team, within a short span of time, she has become one of the most efficient team member, ably managing the delivery of preventive and primary health care through the fixed and mobile eHealth Centres at Satbunga-Dutkanedhar in Ramgarh.

Shanti Acharya and Geeta Gourh, based in Dutkanedhar, were recruited, trained and certified as Health Assistants for Ramgarh area. They are the key field implementers for penetration of preventive and primary health care services into the remote villages of the Ramgarh region.





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