First Aid Training at Supi

Melanie Ruston from Macao took a training on First Aid for the Peer Health Educators of Village Ways Charitable Trust during her visit to Supi.


Village Ways Charitable Trust joined hands with HER network program in 2014, to conduct a pilot health project at Supi village with the focus to empower women through health knowledge and link the village with adequate health amenities. As our 18 month long HER Network Health Project comes to an end, we present to you the lives of some of the women we have impact.

Artisans from Supi at Work!

We are proud to announce that the Village Ways Charitable Trust bags and pouches, dexterously made by our artisans in Supi are now available on LOFT stores and website. Sharing this video by LOFT, starring our artisans from SUPI, whose products are becoming International Bestsellers. 

Lively Hub of Activities- Supi Community Centre

We are working on capacity building of women and youth for sustaining livelihoods and elevating local handicrafts. A separate room for health is there at the centre where health trainings happen.


Village Ways Charitable Trust, team from Ann Inc. (American clothing company) and Remake (video production team) visited Supi to explore the immense potential for artisanal work and assess the impact of HER Network health awareness project at the village.

Ringal Weavers of Kumaon

The age old craft and the efforts of women like Kamla Devi have reached out to consumers worldwide, and has generated another source of income for them. Read how.

Restoring the age old craft of Kumaon- RINGAL WEAVING!!

Reviving the traditional craft of Uttarakhand- Ringal Weaving, and promoting it worldwide. Read how.

Health Camp in the hills of Kumaon- Supi

Village Ways Charitable Trust in collaboration with National Heart Institute and Dr Lal Path Labs organized a 2 day free health camp on 23-24 October'2015 in a remote village of Uttarakhand, Supi to bridge the gap between health amenities and the communities.

Promoting Clean Drinking Water in Uttarakhand - Join us !!

Village Ways Charitable Trust is promoting CLEAN DRINKING WATER in Supi village. To help us achieve our goal, please click here to see how to contribute.

Supi Community Centre- 45 Days to Go

SUPI Community Centre will be opened within 45 days. The countdown begins...